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Venue info

Venue info

Whistler Olympic Park (WOP) will be open at 6 am during the Haywood Ski Nationals, including official training days, beginning on March 22, 2013.  The venue closes and is locked after 11 pm.  Contact John Heilig at 604‑966‑4258 if you have any questions regarding venue access.

WOP Sea2Sky Festival Map (PDF)

Wish to arrange carpooling to the Nationals?

Carpooling registration form

Trail Tickets

All persons requiring access to WOP ski trails are required to have a pass.

Volunteers that are required to ski as part of their job do not need to purchase a trail pass; it will be supplied.

Volunteers, coaches, wax techs and any other support team members that choose to ski must purchase a trail pass.

**Group discounts of 15% will be applied at the ticket booth to teams and support personnel who wish to ski prior to the official training days.